5622 javadoc popup overlapping the completion dropdown menu list

There's something changed in Demetra regarding the javadoc popup, because very frequently the javadoc popup has a nasty habit over overlapping the method completion dropdown menu list.

I will be completing a method name, and if I pause for a sec, the javadoc window pops up, often covering the completion list. What's worse, is that if I manually move it out of the way, and start completion over, it will come right back to the same place again.

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I've seen this in 5622, too.


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This is still a major problem in 5646.
I searched Jira and didn't find anything, so I filed a new request.

regression: javadoc popup overlapping the completion dropdown menu list

This is my biggest pain in using the EAP, at least today. I was writing alot of code and having to do many method completions, and this javadoc popup menu kept getting in the way. I increased the Autopoup javadoc to 2 sec from 500ms and that reduced the problem somewhat, but it's still a pain.


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