IntelliJ 11. Remote Debug. No updates for remote log.

Hi Guys, there is a following situation that I would like to discuss, or at least leave a trace in case of somebody expirience the same issure in the future.

  • I am debugging remotely from a windows box where IntelliJ 11 UT is installed. My target server is a WebLogic instance that is running on a remote Linux box in a debug mode and it is updating a log on a remote drive.
  • This drive is mapped as a local drive on my Windows desktop. I was able to setup a log reference for remote debug configuration as shown on a picture.


  • Problem is that this log gets only sparadical updates. I can notice in  some tools (e.g Far Manager 3) that file size gets continiously changed but IntelliJ  does not react on these updates.
  • The only time I see updates if the file gets openned by an external editor. Probably there is an event that windows sends to all applications that hold a handle on the file in this case. Can it be done that IntelliJ somehow react on the file size changes and update the view that display the log file ?


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