Whenever I change a code file template and click Apply the tabbed pane switch from Code to Template tab

Hello Idea community

Today I changed all code templates containing the "//To change body of catch statement use File | Settings | File Templates." in order to remove the comment, so I navigate to Settings > File Templates and choose the Code tab.
... but I noticed that as soon as I changed the code  template and hit Apply button the tabbed pane automatically switched from Code tab to Templates tab.
I know I can change all the code templates and after that click Apply, or even better use the intention (Alt+Enter) on generated code.

Is this behavior an issue or is it so by design?

Best regards.

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what Intellij IDEA version do you use? I don't see this behavior in the latest 11.1.2.

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This is a bug, and it was recently fixed.

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Hello Rustam Vishnyakov

The version is Idea Ultimate 11.1.2. But it is reproducing somehow randomly.

Thank you


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