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Hi, All,

Recently, I've installed JetBrains License server. Could you please give me more explanation of configuring Automatic Server Discovery?

4. Configuring Automatic Server Discovery
To configure automatic License Server discovery, add a DNS TXT record
'url=<server_url>' for the name: _jetbrains-license-server.<network-domain-name>.

To verify the record, run 'dig _jetbrains-license-server.<domain_name> TXT' in any Unix environment.
A valid response should look like this: 3600 IN TXT "url=http://lsserver:8080/licenseServer"

Where I should make this changes? on users PC or on server with installed License server?

What file should be changed?

Many thanks in advance!

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This needs to be done on your DNS server. The file that should be changed depends on the kind of DNS server software that you're running. If you don't have your own DNS server, you can't use the license server autodiscovery - you'll need to enter the server URL on any machine that uses it.


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