How to make sure a “problem” patch is saved?

Well, I guess I one of my biggest mistakes ever with IntelliJ IDEA was using the shelf feature. The shelf disappered and when use “Apply Patch” using the patch file representing the shelf I am showed dozends of diff windows showing a “problem”.

I could probably fight my way thue this but the once I fixed the “problem” (pretty simple repetative stuff) the corrected file is not saved. I must have lost 2 … 3 hours fighting this. Very frustrating. I ammost drove me insane fearing my changes are lost for good.

So how is this diff window sopposed to work. The seem to be an “accept change” but that would be tideus. I rather accept all changes and fix the tiny problem. But if you select all lines then “accept change” disappers.

I considered using patch but the patch file contains ../ at the begining of every file so patch wont accept the file.

Of course it would habe been mucht better if the files where stored on full. Harddrive space is cheaper then programmer time. I future I will stay clear of the shelf.


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Well in the end:

patch --forward --strip=1 --batch  <~/Library/Preferences/IdeaIC11/shelf/New_button_inscriptions__Try_out_new_display_.patch

did do the Trick. It is not perfect and there are a lot of rej files. But at least all my code is back.


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