Autocompletion in XML doc which refs a schema - room for improvement?

I've just started trying to write an XML document that uses a schema (an
XSD file), and sure enough it uses the schema to supply me with possible
elements to add at edit position, but very clumsily - I expected the
support for this to be a bit smarter.

if I type < and then autocomplete, I get a full list sorted
alphabetically of all the possible child elements that the current
element can have according to the schema. But my schema declares an
<xs:sequence> for the element, so the list should be limited based on
previously existing child elements, and then should be ordered based on
the sequence in the XSD.

I did a quick search on the tracker but didn't come up with anything.
Is this expected behaviour at the moment? And if so are there plans to
improve this? Support is really a bit disappointing at present.


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