EAP Memory usage (still exists in 5594)

I've noticed that memory usage is far greater in the EAP than in 5.1, and even worse, there is a memory leak somewhere causing memory usage to go up even when IDEA is not active (and that memory is not completely reclaimed by doing GCs).

Today I've taken a memory snapshot and opened it using YJP (build 1038).
THe project I'm working on is less than 300 classes big.

When looking at the snapshot, 120Mb of the 200Mb retained are from com.intellij.openapi.vfs.impl, with as much as 300k instances of VirtualFilePointerImpl. Is that expected ?
I attach a few screenshots hoping it can help solve the problem. If needed i'll try to upload the snapshot but it's quite big (65Mb zipped)

A close look to roots.impl package seems to show inconsistent data ? 110Mb retained by the package, but the sum of retained sizes for it's classes seem to be much less (about 50Mb).

Please tell me if you want me to upload the whole memory snapshot

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This is not normal. VFS should be kept for project files only. I doubt you have 300000 files in your project. What plugins do you have installed?

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I have
- all the bundled plugins
- Eclipse workspace importer
- IdeaJad
- JetStyle
- LogFilter
- a modified (by myself) version of MKS plugin (but the code is not under MKS VCS),
- Metrics Reloaded
- Open With
- Problems view
- Regex plugin
- VM Options
- Unit test

I'll try removing most of them, and see if things get better.

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I guess it may be Problems View. Try to uninstall it and work for a day without it.

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I can already tell the problems seems gone with removing all of the above but
- IdeaJad
- Metrics reloaded

I'll try re adding the ones I need but ProblemsView then, Thanks for the quick feedback


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