Android module dependency problem ADT 17


Our project is using ADT17 and I'm seeing an issue with how module dependencies are managed. I have the following structure:

com.a.R [depends on] -> com.b.R

com.b.R [depends on] -> com.c.R

when I I try to build my com.a main module it can see both com.b.R and com.c.R but when I build com.b.R it gets a class not found error for com.c.R. On further inspection I see that my com.b module does not have a reference to com.c.R. There is something in the build tools that prevents this from working correctly because the same project builds and runs from within Eclipse. Any ideas why?

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I didn't quite understand your explanation. If you open the Project Structure dialog, go to the com.b module and switch to the Dependencies tab, does it have a dependency on com.c?


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