How to share (just) project code style, copyright, inspection settings with other IDEA users?

I'm new to IntelliJ and I'm using version 11.1.1 ultimate.

I'd like to share some settings with other IDEA users:
- code style
- copyright
- inspection profile

I don't want to commit all IDEA files because most of them can be generated as our project uses Maven.

So I've committed the following files:

But when I checkout and create a new project as a Maven project, copyright and inspectionProfiles are over written.
Any advice?



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For code style and inspection profiles, you can configure them as application rather than project level profiles, export the settings, and have all your colleagues import them into their IntelliJ IDEA installations. For the copyright profiles, the only way to share them is to store a complete project in the version control system.

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Thanks for your answer...

Do I also need to commit the file workspace.xml? It seems to change very often and it will add some noise to VCS logs :(

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No, workspace.xml (as well as tasks.xml) contains a developer's local settings and must not be shared through the VCS.


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