Sharing a Project with per-user Modules


we are sharing whole project in Subversion. All files like .idea/*.xml and *.iml are versioned.

I was wondering, if there is a way how to share a project like this and have some additional modules, that are not shared and that are not commited in .idea/modules.xml

Sometimes a developer wants to test some part of the libraries in the project in some small module just for this and does not want to pollute the main project. Maybe even wants to share this project with one other developer (branch?)

What would you suggest, what could we do? Do I need to remove all IDEA files? This would slow down developers at start when they would need to setup whole IDEA environment, modules and dependencies, compiler setup...

Main issue is this:
How to share a project with 10 other modules, each module has its own dependencies, custom linkage and so on. And sometimes I want a small test module, that is in the project only for a subset of developers.
If I don't version IDEA files, dependencies are not resolved from sources, how could they...

Flash Builder (eclipse) allowed this, I could close or not even check out some of the project/libraries into workspace if there were not interest of mine, from another branch and so on.

I don't know if you see my issue here, but if you do, could you help?



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The easiest solution for this case is to create a new project fiile, add to it the existing .iml files for the main project modules, and also add a new .iml file for the test module. Then you could share the new project file as needed, through VCS or otherwise.

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That works, thanks.

And what would be the better but more difficult solution? :)

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There isn't really so much choice. :) You can add a module to your modules.xml locally and put it in a "do not commit" changelist.


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