Several Modules contains JSF pages

I have a project with one main web module and several other modules that contain JSF pages. How can I organize sources for a such case?

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Hmm. Is anybody home?

I've performed some investigations and have found out the following:

I've found the following solution to collect JSF pages from several modules in target

  • Create separate web module without exploded dir for each module that contain pages.

  • Main web module should depend on all these modules, and all web resources will be collected in target WAR (or exploded dir)

However, this soluiton has some drawbacks:

  • I've not found solution to dynamically collect faces-config.xml files (compiler requires these files to be placed in web resuorces folder, and we want to place it in jar file)

  • There's no way to place dependent module in the final distribution as JAR, so we can't have pluggable spring and faces configs.

  • Module checker requires each web module to have own web descriptors while we want to have common one.

IMHO multi-module JSF application should be build in the following way:

  • Copy web resources from all modules directly to WAR

  • Classes, properties and other compilation results should be assembled into JAR file which should be placed in WEB-INF/lib folder in the WAR

As conclusion I can say that IDEA 6 is not able to build multi-module JSF application. IMHO this is serious lack of functionality. Please pay attention to this problem.


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