Demetra: Plea for configuration of builtin .properties keys support

I'm tired of seeing all my <bean:message>, <fmt:message> etc tags highlighting their keys in red. Please provide options to disable the builtin ReferenceProviders - at least for these commonly used ones.

Many (bigger) projects don't use .properties files for message resources, so this will save me a couple of thousands red marks in the editor.

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I have a related issue that, I suppose, belongs in this thread.

When viewing a file, I get yellow marker in the right margin that warn me of properties which have not been referenced anywhere in the codebase. This is good because it follows the model used by other files and allows me to quickly spot small (but possibly important) oversights.

The issue that I have is that this JSP fragment...

<bean:message key="legend.equipmentDetails"/>

...will cause the property 'legend.equipmentDetails' to think (correctly) that it has been referenced, whereas...

<bean:write name="event" property="startDate" formatKey=""/>

...does not (incorrectly) cause the property '' to think that it has been referenced.

While this is only mildy inconvenient, it does prevent me from fully utilising the power of the yellow markers. (It's very similar to the situation that prevails if you get loads of compilation warnings but do nothing to address their causes - you very soon 'cant see the wood for the trees')

I assume (based on the high levels of consistency and polish that we see in Intellij) that addressing this issue will be fairly straightforward and look forward to seeing a fix in the near future.

Keep up the good work - IntelliJ make developing a pleasure.


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