In Project Roots panel, Invalid Libraries are not flagged in the tree.

WIth the new Project Settings->Project Roots panel, I found that invalid libs
(e.g/ missing a file) are not flagged in the project roots tree or in a module's
classpath. In order to find a problem, you have to click on each library one by
one. When you click a library in the project roots tree, the detail panel will
show if the library has a missing file

I thought in 5.1, when you edit the libraries, the list of libraries would flag
any library which had invalid file references. So, the new Project Roots
appears to reduce the functionality from before. Also, it looks bad since in 6.
0 you have added the feature to show compile errors in the Project tree, so it
would be nice if library errors were shown in the project roots tree.

Preferably, the errors should be propagated up the tree so that even if the
folder is closed, you can see there is a configuration error.

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Hello Alex,

It is indeed a bug. Currently problematic modules, libraries and JDKs as
well as unused libraries and JDKs should be highlighted.

Thank you.

Anna Kozlova
JetBrains Inc.
"Develop with pleasure!"

see attached


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