Annoying code style behaviour

So, I'm finally working somewhere where I'm not the only person using IDEA. We decided to unify our code style settings and share them. So we spent some time developing a standard, then exported the settings. There were a series of problems:

1. When we exported our settings (inspection profiles and code styles) the code style xml wasn't included in the settings jar. We also tried exporting just the code styles, it still didn't include them.

2. We decided to reorganise, so copied Default (1) profile to OurStyle profile, and deleted Default (1). When we opened IDEA the next time, all the settings were gone, because copy doesn't really copy, it just creates a reference to the previous style (Default (1)), which we'd subsequently deleted.

This was really annoying.

Has anyone reported these? I can never find anything in JIRA. If not I'll open issues for them.

Build 5581.

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