SpringMVC github tutorial needs application server

Hi Jetbrains, I'm a long time Intellij developer mostly Grails but lately I have found myself cloning a github repo with a small gallery of SpringMVC related applications. The simplest SpringMVC webapp cloned in Intellij via git w/ no problems but attempts to define an application server only results in the following complaint when I try to point it @ my local Tomcat install:

Not a valid dmserver...

How, then should I proceed to attach my Tomcat to my otherwise well behaved Intellij project?

Any and all suggestions welcomed.

Please advise.

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looks like a bug. Could you please submit YouTrack for that providing step-by-step description of what are you doing.

From your existing description it looks like no proprietary code involved to reproduce the issue, so I would appreciate if you attached your project to YouTrack as well.



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