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I think it will be released today or tomorrow ;)

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Hello Sascha,

SW> I'm constantly running into
SW> http://www.jetbrains.net/jira/browse/IDEADEV-7832 which is kind of a
SW> show-stopper because it prevents me from making almost any change to
SW> the project's configuration. Since the issue is already fixed, a new
SW> build or some instructions how to workaround that bug would be very
SW> welcome.

We plan to release a new EAP very soon.

Dmitry Jemerov
Software Developer
"Develop with Pleasure!"

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On 2006-08-03 06:05:57 -0300, Dmitry Jemerov <yole@jetbrains.com> said:

We plan to release a new EAP very soon.

Friday, I bet. I've been noticing that EAP's are usually released on
fridays -- so developers can run home, or have a nice barbecue, making
jokes about the horde of developers that will spend the weekend testing
(and complaining about) the new build.

-- Marcus


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