Highlight new/customized methods(CTRL + space ) for groovy/grails


  Iam trying to inject methods in the controllers, but its will not be showed in the highlight(CTRL+space) on the intellij, like the ControllersAPI of grails-core is. Someone know if is have some way to intellij see the new methods injecteds?

PS: Its grails

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I've never worked in groovy or grails, so I may not be understanding your question completely... but have you tried using Ctrl+Alt+Space? Ctrl+Space shows suggestions for things that are already imported and available. Ctrl+Alt+Space will show things that are available project wide, but may not yet be imported or available in the current scope. Not sure if that helps. But I though it'd be worth your trying it.

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Thx for answer Mark,
  I found i way to do what i needed. I'm using a gdsl(Groovy domain-specific language) that "inject" the signatures of the methods and attributes in the classes, so the intelliJ identify the dinamics methods.


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