SVN Changes Broswe always compares to local version?!

Is this intentional or a bug?
When I browse svn changes I select a specific revision and get listed all files that changed in that commit.
Ok, so far.
Now when I double click a file Idea always compares the file to my current local version.
This is not what I want: If I browse a change that I did last wednesday, I want to see that change, i.e.
the diff from the commited version to the one before.

I have in fact no way to see the actual change in that commit from the changes window itself, rather I
see all the changes after that slumped into one.

(BTW I said this before, usability now is worse because the filter dialog is a separate dialog apearing
before the changes window. I frequently browse changes for several authors, which forces mee through
a dialog hell...)

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