Equals and HashCode live template

This has been discussed before but I couldn't find any answers.

Is there a way to create a template that iterates all the variables of a class?
This would be helpful to create custom equals/hashcode implementations.

For example:

public boolean equals(Object other) {     if (other == null) {         return false;     }     if (other == this) {         return true;     }     if (other.getClass() != this.getClass()) {         return false;     }     $classname that = ($classname) other;     return new org.apache.commons.lang.builder.EqualsBuilder()      $foreach ($member in $members)             .append(this.$member, that.$member)      $end             .isEquals(); }

would be really nice. (made up the syntax so fee free to critize)
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No, this is currently not possible via live templates. Similar functionality can be implemented in plugins, and there's already a plugin that seems to do what you want:

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Hey Dmitry. Yea I know there's a plugin for it but I was using equals/hashcode as an example. There are a few other places that this would be handy (custom toString generators -- test code generation etc). I realize that plugins have this capability but it's rather inconvenient to have to write a plugin to access these features if one doesn't already exist that does what you want :p


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