I know the way the Idea add the namespace on the fly is a useful feature but it is not so useful in other cases

Hello Idea community

First of all I will like to inform you I am a relative fresh Idea IntelliJ user (I switched from Eclipse a couple of months ago).
One of the issues driving me crazy almost all the time is the way IntelliJ helps me with support for springsource namespaces and their xsdS. In fact it DOESN'T HELP ME AT ALL, but maybe I have missed a hidden feature of the it. So, frankly I miss Eclipse when I am dealing with this in Idea.
I know that IDEA helps me if I am inserting a correct xml namespace element within the xml body with correct configuration of namespace and xsd on the fly. But that is not the case I do most of the time in springsource xml files.
Most of the time I partially remember the name of the element I want to configure it (instead of knowing by heart the context:property-placeholder I know that the propert??? is an element of context namespace). And starting from this I have a lot of issues with Idea.

  • It helps me with a list of suggestions for springnamespaces, but
  • It doesn't help me with the xsdS for choses namespaces,
  • so I have to google the internet for correct xsdS

So this stay in my way of getting the job done as quick as possible.

So it will be better if the IntelliJ will support also the suggestions for xsdS alongside with namespaces. If I am missed an important feature of idea which would be helping me with these issues please put a comment on this.

See here http://stackoverflow.com/questions/9862808/does-intellij-have-spring-namespaces-wizard/10258712#10258712 for my opinion about the xml springsources namespaces and xsds support in Idea  IntelliJ.

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will do exactly what you want.

Ctrl+Space -- Basic code completion -- only suggests things that are in scope or already imported (or has had its namespace declared in the case of XML). From the help documentation:

Basic code completion helps you complete the names of classes, methods, fields, and keywords within the visibility scope. When you invoke code completion, IntelliJ IDEA analyses the context and suggests the choices that are reachable from the current position of the caret.

Ctrl+Alt+Space -- Class Name Code Completion -- will suggest anything that is within scope in the entire project, even if it is not yet imported (or has its namespace declared in the case of xml). The name "Class Name Code Completion" is a bit of a Java centric name for this action. But the term has been used since IDEA's creation. So while it perhaps is not the best name for the action in the polyglot world of today, the concept is still the same. From the help documentation:

Class name completion completes the names of classes and interfaces, searching through the entire project. If the desired class is not yet imported, it will be imported automatically.

For more information, see the help documentation section:

This is also discussed in some of the Tips of the Day.

I only recenly creatred a stackoverflow ID, and it does not have enough reputation points to add a comment to your post with this information. May I suggest you go in and edit your post.

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Thank you for the tip.
It works.
I did know that Ctrl+Alt+Space stands only for java suggestion list, but now I know it is also applicable for other languages too.
Maybe it is time for technical editor Idea team to update the topic regarding this at

I did put a comment on my entry at stackoverflow.com

I still consider that providing auto-complete both for springsource namespaces and schemalocations would be a useful addition to spring xml editor.


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jtonic wrote:

I still consider that providing auto-complete both for springsource namespaces and schemalocations would be a useful addition to spring xml editor

I'd recommend opening a feature request:  http://youtrack.jetbrains.com

Best Regards,


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