Cannot change max heapsize anymore in 11.1.1?

When I'm using 11.0.2 everything works as expected, but when I'm trying 11.1.1 I cannot get anything else (!) then about 700MB (as max)?

I'm on a 64bit Ubuntu 10.04 environment with ultimate versions of IDEA and my idea.vmoptions looks like this:


I have been using this file for a looong time now (and on several versions of IDEA) without any problems, until now.

Any pointers apppreciated! I really need a little bit more of max heapsize :-)


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Hi Bertil,

Please try to put that values to the idea64.vmoptions instead of idea.vmoptions.


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Nice, sweet!

I'm back in business again ... :-)

I'm so used to just copy the file so I didn't check which files that where available, old habits die hard I guess ;-)

Thanks for the quick answer!!




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