IntelliJ IDEA and PhpStorm Performance Comparison?

How does the performance of Intellij IDEA compare with the PhpStorm Lightweight IDE?

I've always been impressed with the blazing fast responsiveness of the rich features, debugging, and intellisense in PhpStorm. I understand the PhpStorm features are pretty much the same in IntelliJ IDEA, with exception to Open Directory Project Creation.

Assuming this is the case, I'd really like to know whether or not IntelliJ IDEA manages I/O, memory and CPU utilization as well as PhpStorm. In other words, will I be just as happy with the responsiveness of IntelliJ IDEA when working on PHP development projects?


David Carroll

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Hi David,

You asked me to share my experience in another thread, sorry for the delay I have been out of town.

I am very new to both and only used PHPStorm for a few hours on one project - absolutely loved it.  I ended up going with IDEA 11 for no particular reason other than I plan to do some java development and I loved all the refactoring capability.

When I installed IDEA 11 I turned off any plug-ins that I did not plan to use and I have been very happy with the performance.  If you have lots of plug ins activated, and your computer is even a little slow you will notice a pause every once in a while as the computer is running lots of stuff in the background.

As IDEA 11 is a much bigger platform than PHPStorm, I found as a absolute newbie that it was more difficult to set up a new project than I had seen in PHPStorm. But a quick trip to the forums or help fixes that, and once you know how to do it setting up a new project is very fast and intuitive.

I hope that helps, I really think that you will be happy with either, but if you think you might need the features of IDEA 11 at some point in the future .....



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