Vertical Splitter windows broken in ij11

This is for 11.0.2   One of the two splitter windows either is un-resizeable or just simply disappears (back to just one editor window).  This feature works fine in prior versions of IJ.

Is there any workaround / configuration for this?  It must have been noticed during QA of the release..

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In simple case it does not occur for me. Can it be the following issue:


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Hi Alexander,

This problem never happened in IJ10 or earlier, so  this is specific to something new in IJ11.

If this were due to warnings then that makes splitters unusable for me.  Why?  There is a longstanding problem that Perforce has various problems and generates warnings/errors. I can not get rid of them.  So .. compelling splitters to stay wide due to notifications is a bug that should be fixed.


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