Is there a run history?

Specifically for JUnit/TestRunner; is there a way to view the results of a previous test run and the ability to re-run specific tests?

It seems that when I run our test suite it's actually pretty easy to re-run the failed ones, but if I want to re-run a specific set or a sub-set you lose the pass/fail history and have to start over if you want to fix just one.

I know we can log to a file but that doesn't seem to integrate with Intellij.

This is available in Eclipse and is pretty handy.

If there is no way to do this, please consider this a feature request.



To the best of my knowledge, only if you pin the results. So for example, let's say  you run all the tests in package xyz  and one fails. Pin the tab (via the Pin icon on the left). Then when you select to run the failed test, it will open in a new tab within the Run tool window. You can then go back to the pinned tab of all the tests in package xyz.

The other option is open the Run quicklist pop-up (Alt+Shift+F10) (or via the menu Run > Run...). (There is an equivalent Debug pop-up via Alt+Shift+F9) That pop-up will show your run configurations, including recent temporary ones, and you can select one to run (or debug, edit, etc.). The number of temporary configurations that are available is configured in the Run/Debug Edit Configurations dialog by selecting the "Defaults" node on the left.

You may want to see if there is a feature request for this in you track ( If not, you can open one. The new event log that was introduced in version 11 may be able to be leveraged in such a way that they could provide a feature to allow you to rerun a previous run Run Configuration.


Not sure about JUnit, but for TestNg there was a clock-like icon on the run tools panel where I could choose one of recent runs and it would show the results.

However, this thing only worked if I ran tests as a TestNG run (not maven run, application run, bash run, etc)


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