Setting up a web service with a client using WebServiceRef


I have a number of web services running, the Java generates the service from my annotations and I can call it using SOAP UI or other tools, great.

I then wanted to generate the client code and in particular use the @WebServiceRef so everything would run really smoothly on the client.  However, the client code is not generating and so I do not get the proxy I need to create my client code.  Is there some sample code that has a client and server using this configuration that someone can publish.  I guess understanding the steps in the process would also be good, the last tutorial I could find was out of date for the Annotation world. Getting the client code to generate and then be able to just write the client code would be great, its just not there for me currently.

Can I suggest that making this part of the initial project as well as the sample server would be very useful.

Any help much appreciated.


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