Google App Engine + JST

I seem to have an interesting issue. First of all I'm just switching from Eclipse (Netbeans) to IntelliJ so I am not that expert, my issue my be just simpe, however here it goes:

- I added the plugin, downloaded the GAE SDK and created a new project.
- Created a simple servlet, refering to the* classes, started the dev server, and all was working without any issues.
- Copied the guestbook GAE demo sources to the project. The hint system was working, the IDE was able to see the existance of the* inside the JSP file (with import).
- However when I build the JSP, bang error: cannot be resolved to a type

What can be the issue?
Find my project settings attached.


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Now the, the problem was that I needed to pack the Google App Engine Jars with the modules facet. Thought the plugin does that automatically for me, however appeareantly not. Nevertheless, now it's working. :D


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