Switcher-icon in Ubuntu?


In Ubuntu (11.10), the switcher icon (shown when alt-tabbing through the list of open applications) for IntelliJ IDEA (11.1) is an opaque question-mark, instead of the IntelliJ IDEA logo. Also, the text-based description/title for the application is missing, as shown in this screenshot:


I did configure an icon in the launcher for IntilliJ through the "main menu" (alacarte) application (as shown below), but that did not help.

Is there any way to fix the switcher icon?



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Same behavior I was experiencing while using unity.
I know it doesn't help, but this works fine in gnome-shell...(I switched because of focus issues in unity e.g. when using alt-tab, I couldn't type anthing.)

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Unfortunately that's not enough for Ubuntu switcher. Please remove your launcher, start IDEA from a terminal, invoke a Tools | Create Desktop Entry action, exit IDEA, and restart session. After that you'll have a correct main menu entry which displays right icon in a switcher and is pinnable to Unity launcher.


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