Log Files coverable pattern

Hey all,

I got a jetty server running from IDEA RUN configuration. There I can set up the Logs for monitor within idea. Jetty though use a rolling log so each day the logs change.
I understand that's why there's this tick with:

"Show All Files Coverable By Pattern"

What kind of Pattern is supposered? Is it Regex?

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If you look at the help page for that dialog, in the "Log File Location" option description it states that it takes either a fully qualified path, or an Ant pattern that defines a fileset.

Note that if you select the "Show all files coverable by pattern" a tab for each and every file (i.e. each and every day) covered by the pattern will open in a tab. That could result in dozens (or more) tabs and would generally not be what you want for a rolling log. If you leave that unselected, only the most recent (by date) file covered by the pattern will open. That option is more for the case of having split log files such as foo-access.log, foo-errors.log, foo-application.log, etc.

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So in my case for jetty logs I could just put ../*..log and it will only show the most recent log.
Thanks for the answer.


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