Issue reminder

This is a list of my personal issues that look like they've been forgotten or overlooked. Please have a look at them and won't-fix those you're not going to implement.

Error highlighting provided by LocalInspectionTool is broken in XML files

Exception during startup (DevKit instance)

com.intellij.ide.IconProvider is not queried for icons in Editor Tabs of regular files

Provide method to get w3c defined namespace from xml tag

Broken help links

Auto-Import is too greedy

XmlTag.getLocalNamespaceDeclarations() returns wrong result for default namespace

Odd XML-StructureView node-expansion behavior

"Redundant suppression" inspection incorrectly thinks suppression for "UNUSED_SYMBOL" is redundant

CVS errors are silently ignored if cvs-executable is not named "cvs"

Features / Cosmetics
"@Nullable Problems" inspection: Add option to flag non-annotated methods implementing/overriding @Nullable ones

Log-Viewer Enhancement: Syntax coloring

Mark method parameters for PsiType.isAssignableFrom() and isConvertibleFrom() as @NotNull

Ability to define inter-file dependencies for Inspections & Annotators

Support inspection suppression in XML files

Debugger: Wrong "Add Class" button in Instance Filter dialog


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