How to configure deployment location of webapp in Resin 3.1?


As part of an effort to evaluate (read: I'm new at this!) IntelliJ IDE 11.0.2 as a replacement for our existing IDE, I'm trying to have a Mavenized webapplication deploy to a local instance of a Resin 3.1.12 application server. This application should run in the default / root context of the server. I'm having trouble configuring the deployment location.

What I've found is that the Resin plugin appears to extract the war to a path relative to the directory in which the application server is deployed. I've found out (the unpleasant way), that configuring the context to be "/" (see screenshots below) will actually cause the application server installation directory to be overwritten by the webapp!

Can someone explain how I can use a contact name other than the default name correctly?


Kind regards,


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I am sorry for your server installation had been deleted.

I have reproduced the issue and opened the corresponding

As workaround, you may add to the end of <resin home>/conf/resin.conf the fragment:
  <host id="">
  <web-app id="/" document-directory="webapps/ROOT"/>

(inside of the <resin> root node, of course)

Please note, there are no problems on deploy of exploded (not archive) artifact, so no workaround is needed in this case.
Also everything works well in resin 4, as it already has the xml markup similar to the one above by default.

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Just to let you know that the Youtrack is fixed now.
However, we were not in time to put the fix into the about to be release 11.1 stream.
If you absolutely don't want to use the workaround above, I may produce the locally built version of Resin integration for you.



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