IntelliJ IDEA 11.1 EAP unable to find Grails class files on build

Hi there,

I recently switched from Eclipse to IntelliJ IDEA for our Grails project. While importing the project was easy as pie and everything is just great in the editors (no marked compile errors, code completion works fine), actually building the project fails:

Compilation completed with 121 errors and 0 warnings
BuildTestDataBeanDefinitionTranslator.class (File not found)
SpringSecurityUtils.class (File not found)

SecurityFilterPosition.class (File not found)

Creating a new Grails project and building it inside IDEA works perfectly fine, so I'm assuming theres something wrong with my project setup. What could I be missing?

I'm using IDEA 11.1 EAP build 117.84.

Thanks in advance for any help,

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I discovered that this issue was caused by using OpenJDK. Now that I switched to the original Oracle / Sun JDK, I get new errors, tons of them:

error: cannot find symbol class DefaultLocalizedText

These errors seem to only occur in Java classes.


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