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I'm using IDEA for Flex/AS3 development and I'm a new user so I still discover new and awesome features of the application. One of these is the deployment feature.
I've managed to connect to my ftp and figured out how the file mappings work but I cant seem to find a certain option included in the online documentation.

To have application sources uploaded automatically before application start

  1. During creation of a run/debug configuration, select the Upload Files to Remote Host check box in the Before launch area.

This is what's included in the documentation (

My installation however does not show this specific option when I'm creating the run configuration for the Flex application.

It could be a Flex-only thing, I dont know, but I thought I should ask anyway because it's driving me mad for the last 2 hours.

Thanks for your time.

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Documentation seems to be not 100% correct. 'Upload Files to Remote Host' option is shown only for some PHP related run configurations.
You can try to configure remote host as a simulated local disk and set output path pointing to it at Flash build configuration dialog.


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