Remove a Key action

 I'm trying to get PageUP and PageDown to do ... nothing.

The reason is because on a DELL laptop the Left / PgUP and Right / PgDn keys are so close, I press them (Pg) all the time...

So in Settings

- Removed PageUp / Down mappings - search by shortcut shows they've been removed
- PageUp mapped to Alt-PgUp and PageDown mapped to Alt-PgDn

=> but still PgUp/Dn keys do the page up/down work...


- Tried to assign a minor action to the keys (Escape)

=> but the 2 keys still do page up and down


How can I disable the Page UP and Page Down keys only in PhpStorm (not in the system [Ubuntu])?

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I've tried to reproduce this on Ubuntu 16.04 and PhpStorm 2016.2 EAP - once I remove the PgUp/PgDown key bindings, Editor doesn't scroll on these keystrokes anymore.
What Ubuntu version, PhpStorm version and DE do you use?

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Hi Eugene


using Ubuntu 14.04, Gnome/Unity (All updated to last patches), and PhpStorm 2016.1.2  (using only official versions).

Tried on a Desktop (same version) and removing the PageDown mapping has still the function working, while - should have mentioned earlier - the cursor does not follow the scroll (unlike the "real" page-down).

But if on Ubuntu 16.04 the unmapping works, that's fine - I'll wait for the upgrade! (reason of using 14.04 is to have the same OS as the server side).


Thanks Eugene




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I tested it for a while longer, and it depends on PhpStorm version, not Ubuntu version.
I don't know why (haven't found any related bugs or anything else), but it's true - you can't turn PgUp and PgDn on 2016.1.2, and can on 2016.2, please try the EAP build.

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Just to confirm the remapping of PgUp/Down works fine in official 2016.2, thanks.

Don't know how to put "answered" but i guess it is.


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