Editor font rendering in Linux

I recently downloaded the newest IntelliJ 11.1 EAP (117.37) amd I have a problem with font rendering.
Antialiased fonts in editor don't look as sharp as antialisased fonts in the rest of the UI. I don't know why is that exactly, but even when I set the same font for the UI and for the editor, in editor it looks less sharp. Well, not as bad as without subpixel antialiasing, but also not as good as the rest of the gui.

I attach a screenshot. Font for the GUI and for the editor is Ubuntu 13pt. Especially the italic font is blurry.
On a bigger zoom it is easily visible that the fonts in the editor and in the rest of the gui are rendered *differently*, although all use LCD subpixel antialiasing. Might it be wrong LCD hinting type selected for editor rendering? Where can I find those settings? I can see only "use antialiased font" and that is all.  I don't recall this problem on previous EAP builds, but I might have not noticed, because I had worse quality LCD screen.

Config: Java 6 update 30, Ubuntu 11.10, NVidia proprietary drivers.



Hi Piotr,

I'm afraid you're affected by this problem. Please get the next build.



It's fixed in the latest EAP (117.46)



Ok, if it is really that problem, then In a few minutes I shall be very happy :)


Awesome! It works for me. Good to know it was a bug and not my eye-sight! :D


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