What to do if IntelliJ IDEA fails the make on an unrealted module


I have a multi module maven setup and would like to execute a unit test for a library module. And here I am a bit stuck because one unrelated modules fails the build. Which leaves me with three options which all kind of suck:

  1. If I use IntelliJ IDEA “make” then the unit test is not be executed as the make fails in an module which I don´t actualy care about.
  2. If I use IntelliJ IDEA “Run Maven Goal” then the unit test is only executed when It passes. That is so because Maven will call the unit test as well. Sadly Maven won´t produce a nice output. And you won´t be able to just click and exception stack trace to go to the source code.
  3. I don´t build with IntelliJ IDEA at all but inside a terminal session. That works as expeced but is two steps in different windows.

Has anybdoy got an idea how I could improve the workflow.



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