Load a new version of Groovy

Is there an easy way of adding a new version of Groovy as a global library? The current way to do it seems like a dirty hack.

In Project Structure->Global Libraries when you select the + sign the only options are Java and JavaScript. IMHO this should also contain Groovy (and Grails, same problem occurs for grails).

If I download a new version of Groovy to get IntelliJ to let me load it as a global library I currently have to remove all Groovy global libraries. Then IntelliJ will give me a yellow alert across the top of my source file saying there is no Groovy SDK configured for the project and do I want to configure one. That configure interface has a Create button that finally lets me create a new Groovy global library for the new version of Groovy. This is very clunky and not intuitive. IMHO I should be able to create a Groovy global library from the global library interface.

All of this also applies to Grails. I have to go through the same steps when a new version of Grails comes out.

Why doesn't this interface offer a Groovy and Grails option?Screen Shot 2012-03-14 at 9.44.52 AM.PNG


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