Local disabling of inspections

I have two related questions: It seems like the little quick-fix pop-up
menu no longer offers the option to disable the triggering inspection.
Is this my imagination, or has something actually changed? Is this
option only offered for a subset of inspections (say, the core
set--i.e., those not provided by InspectionGadgets)?

The second question is, Since I apparently can't get this behavior
automatically via the UI, is there some place where the legal arguments
to the @noinspection tag are documented?

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Hello Michael,

Press ]]> key on inspection quickfix message to get suppression options.


Maxim Shafirov
JetBrains, Inc
"Develop with pleasure!"

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Ah! That sounds familiar, now that you say it. And, of course, now the little arrow pointing to the right in the pop-up menu makes sense. Thank you.


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