All elements of ant build.xml marked as unknown (5245, 5261)

Since 5245 all our ant build.xml files are marked with errors for all elements with the tooltip: "element XYZ must be declared", the error indication bar is completely red. Older version did not show any error.

Any hints?


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Ant is being rewritten, sorry for inconvenience.

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Any expectation when ant build files are successfully parsed again?

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Around 2-3 weeks I guess. Also you could help us by pointing out the problems you encounter. Thank you.


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I "played" around a little bit:

a) it seems the file is not re-parsed on modifications (which made it more difficult to detect the cause of marking all elements as not declared)

b) the cause seems related to entity definitions within the build.xml: we added something like

<!DOCTYPE project [
<!ENTITY build-clover SYSTEM "../../tools/build/include/build-clover.xml">
<!ENTITY build-autobuild SYSTEM "../../tools/build/include/build-autobuild.xml">
<!ENTITY build-javadoc SYSTEM "../../tools/build/include/build-javadoc.xml">

and later on re-use those common task definitions with


Removing this and (after selecting all, cutting and pasting again to force parsing) I get the green indicator.

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Hello Eugene,

Since the ant support is being rewritten i would like to propose a "feature"
which i find usefull from time to time.

I want the ability to convert "the run this ant task" to a run/debug configuration
with the click of a button. Something similar with
"run this main method as an application configuration", ""run this Test class
as a junit configuration", "run this test method as a junit configuration"
etc... Also you could be able to easily profile an ant session (with the
help of JProfile plugin..) which i think is a good thing to have.

This will make debugging of custom ant task very simple and it shouldn't
be that complicated i think.


Ant is being rewritten, sorry for inconvenience.


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