IJ license collision

I'm a very happy licensed IntelliJ 8/9/10/11 user.  

For years I've ignored or put up with this, but it's getting harder to ignore.  On my main workstation machine I start and work with IntelliJ.  Later, on my laptop on the couch I start and work with IntelliJ.  All this happens on my home network.  Running two instances produces a license collision, for reasons I understand.  But trying to get my laptop to sieze the license from the workstation often takes dozens of 'Yes, claim the license' clicks.  And sometimes doesn't work at all.  Moreover, if the license collision occures, and I go and shutdown my workstation instance with the intention of continuing to work on my laptop, the laptop instance doesn't seem to understand that at the point there is no collision because the other instance is not running anymore -- the laptop won't quit prompting me to quit or reclaim the license.  I end up quitting and restarting the laptop instance, at which everything works fine.

Am I the only one seeing this?

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ache wrote:


Looks like two open issues:
Welcome to vote...



Not that I want to go to the trouble on my home network (or maybe I do), would installing the single-user license server on my network work around this problem?


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Hi Mark,
The server won'ts solve the problem. It will simply refuse the to grant the license if it is already hold by a running IDEA instance.

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Ok.  Thanks.

At least I know the bugs have been filed and it's not something I'm doing wrong.

Still love IntelliJ immensely (and looking forward to Kotlin).


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