HaXe - cannot create a haXe SDK in the dialog

Hey there,

I am trying to get started with the new haXe plugin and can't figure out how to create a haXe SDK.
I tried to point the dialog to several directories, including the directory created by the haxe-auto-installer or just downloaded sdks.
The SDKs are haXe version 2.08 and I am running OSX.

I did also file a bug regarding this issue: http://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/IDEA-81484

Do I need to point it to another directory or is there a way I can add the SDK manually by editing a IML/XML file?



I have the same problem. Normally on OSX the default folder for haxe is /usr/lib/haxe. You cannot select this folder, because it's a systemfolder and is hidden. But placing haxe inside another folder or linking directly to the default folder (using a shortcut in the finder sidebar) doesn't work.


Thanks Florian,

this worked for me too.


I get "Failed to read plugin descriptor from file resources_en.jar". Mac OSX 10.7.3, IntelliJ Idea 111.277.

Oh, and the actual plugin is in red, with the message (on mouseover) "Plugin is incompatible with current Intellij installation."

Ok, upgraded to 114.145 and the plugin is active, but the resources_en.jar still gives an error.


You can press shift+cmd+g in folder select dialog and go to /usr/lib/haxe. Open dialog will follow this folder, but SDK is still not detected.


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