Git with different repos for pull and push ?


I'm working on a project where we have one Git repository that is used to pull updates and another repository that is used to push changes to.
In the "Git -> Pull..." dialog I can select the remote repository to pull from - however, in the "Git -> Push..." dialog, I cannot select the remote repository.
There is a dropdown field at the bottom of the dialog where "origin" is selected - but the field is disabled and I'm unable to select a different repository.

Is this a bug or is it just not possible to select a repository to push to ?



Hello Christian,

You should be able to select the remote repository to push.
So it is a bug.
Do you have only 1 VCS root in the project or there are several?
Could you please share your .git/config?


Hi Kirill,

I've created a new issue in youtrack:

(the system seems to have auto-assigned the issue to you).
I've added more background information on our setup as well as the .git/config file and a screenshot. I hope this helps :-)



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