Project module compilation path is reset to target default


I have a project with dozens of modules here.  I compile all the modules into 1 place by seeting module compilating path to that foulder.
However, once in a while something causes IJ to reset those paths to some default value <module>/target/classes.  This causes me some pain to
1st figure out my error is caused by the issue, 2nd - go in and revert the paths to my location.

Any ideas?


Please file an issue in the with description how to reproduce this bug.


I apologize for bad spelling in my previous message.  I will try to reproduce it here and post a bug.
So far, it seems to happen sporadically.

I am using IJ 11 Pro.


I cannot reproduce this well.
I suspect this has to do with the way I create my project: it is imported from Maven external model.
All the "default" paths to which my path seems to be reset look like Maven paths during the build.
In fact, the paths are reset sometimes during the outside build which also invokes maven.
I doubt that external build tries to modify iml files.
On some ocasion that build does not change the paths, on others it does.

Could it have anything to do with IDEA being opened or not during external build?
At one point I could not see .iml files on the file system when IDEA was opened.

Any further thoughts?


Hi Dmitriy,

the Maven integration always  updates the IDEA project modules source and output paths to the values provided in pom-s (to the maven defaults or to explicitely provided values) on reimport from Maven. Reimport may occur on project reopening, or on any pom change, or on the explicit refresh in Maven view (depending on the set Maven options).
If you don't want to use maven output directories, you may clear the Settings | Maven |Importing | Use Maven output directories checkbox.  


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