J2ME: Deploy fails: Unknown error: java.lang.NumberFormatException Uknown error: java.lang.NumberFormatException

Intellij Ultimate Version 10.5

I have a J2ME project which compiles, deploys fine in Netbeans.

Trying to use IntelliJ, which I love over Netbeans. However, the same code/project, and everything (from what I can tell, but MUST be missing something) is creating a corrupted build that will not deploy.

Installing suite from:

*** Error ***
A problem occured during deploying application from
Uknown error: java.lang.NumberFormatException

It is NOT the emulator start up optinos, because if I build the .jad and .jar in Netbeans and use the same invoke line that IntelliJ uses, it works. So the compilation/verification or something in IJ must be wrong.

I've scoured the docs and found nothing helpful. I'm using Java Target 1.3 settings.


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