How to resolve remote dbugging issue

I constantly use remote debugger  for pretty complex product. Part of the  product is web app (war) deployed on jboss 5.1. After switching to jdk 1.6_30 64  bit, Win7 64 bit and Intellij 10.5. I cannot stop in debugger any more. as soon  as Intellij attaches to process each break point is crossed and toltip message  state "No excutable code found at line ..."
application have been rebuild multiple times (proper classes are deployed on  jboss server), server caches have been cleaned.
I can stop on method break points in debugger. any suggestions how to resolve  the issue?

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Hi Polina,

The red cross on breakpoint is an indication that debugger has not found any executable code at this line of the code. This usually means that the code currently being executed does not correspond to the sources currently opened in the editor. Please check your confuguration and make sure that the server runs the code that corresponds to the current sources.
Please also check that there is a proper module set in the "Remote" debug configuration you use to attach to the server. When breakpoint is hit, IDEA searches for sources starting from this module and across its dependencies.


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