why is find usage so slow on common method names?

and is jetbrains trying to fix it? if not, why not? if yes, when will we get it?
currently, it's really annoying. accidently opening the call hierarchy on one of these can lock the ui up for a minute.


No, because we don't see any possibilies to make it faster with our architecture. Every Find Usages operation works by finding the occurrences of a word and checking each of them to find out if it's a reference to the element which is searched.


k, i'll file a youtrack issue because of the lockup then and stick with unique method names.


Can you at least put a limit on the number of usages so it doesn't completely freeze up intellij when I accidentally choose a very common method name?


i think the real solution would be to prevent intellij from locking up at all, no matter how long a background operation is running


Agreed, current behavior is I do find usages on a method called "get", and then spend the next ten minutes trying to force quit intellij and getting back to a productive state again.


Dennis Haupt did you ever file an issue in YouTrack?




they treat it exactly as i would expect from a hard to fix problem that requires a rewrite of a large part of the system


I had the same problem.  The real issue that PyCharm was searching through ALL python code (including dependencies like numpy and matplotlib) for the references.  I fixed that by excluding non-project code from the Project structure (except for dependencies which I do own (see below)).  Now refactors happen almost instantly.


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