Module packages corrupted after loading project in IDEA 11.0.2 RC

Coming from 11.0.1, I loaded a project into IDEA 11.0.2 Release Candidate. Somehow, the module I currently work on got severly corrupted: All Java packages that contain no child packages are shown as folders in the project explorer; the contained classes are not found when they're referenced in other files. I switched back to IDEA 11.0.1, but the problem persists. The module's .iml file didn't change. Other modules work properly, and the Ant build runs without problems. How can I revert the module to a usable state?

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Okay, I finally figured out that this behavior actually came from a missing dependency in the module - another developer added a local classes folder as dependency, which caused the module to not correctly load its own sources on my machine. Btw, this has nothing to do with IDEA versions, I just happened to use 11.0.2 right after the VCS update.

Anyway, I think this is some very strange behaviour of IDEA.


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