issue regarding debugging code in intellij remotely with jboss

I am having issue regarding setting up intellij to debug remotely. Intellij is successfully able to connect to debug port of jboss ( let say 5006 ). but in Intellij debug points are not being hit. I am seeing this warning in Intellij debug points ( Warning: No executable code found at line xxx in class xxxx  )

In jboss ear app. is deployed
In Intellij I have code of one of jar file which is present in ear app.

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Sounds to me like the version of the code you running in JBoss is not the same version as the source code in the IDE. So the linenumber does not match anymore.I have that same problem from time to time in Tomcat too. Sometimes it helps to rebuild the project but most of the time i have to manually delete my project from the Tomcat working directory inside IDEA. It's annoying but since it happen not that often i get used to live with it.

Since i don't use JBoss i can't tell you where you find it working directory nor i'm sure it's the same problem, but i guess it is. :)

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Thanks Stefan for your reply.I did think about it but I had same version of code in intellij and jboss.


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