JDK Documentation in IntelliJ

Hello every one,

I am new to Java development and new to IntelliJ. Even though I am a big fan of PHPstorm and other products by jetbrains.

As I am new to Java, I need the JDK doc to appear and assit me during coding. (As they show in Eclipse and Netbeans for example) I think using the JDK doc API.

However I tried to download the JDK and its documentation and added the documentation API to the documentation path in the project structure.

However, now when I press shift+F1 the documentation is opened in the browser from my local directory. This is good, but it is not  what I am looking for.

I am looking for something similiar to the one in Eclipse (In line) JDK documentation. so I dont need to switch between the IDE and browser to read a class documentation.

is this possible ?

See attachments :)

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