Interesting bug?

The only serious problem with Demetra testing was the project file "corruption". Now with 5.1.1 EAP we passed it. But another thing happened. Sometimes some buttons (I do not know why) become disabled. For example, buttons in the window with Demetra's exceptions stacktrace.

May be it's not a bug? :)

And, most annoying thing in last build was, that sometimes I was unable to "go to file". I press "CtrlShiftN", then enter several symbols... and nothing happens. There is a stacktrace but as I said buttons were disabled, so I can't send it to you.


Demetra's "CtrlShiftN" seems to be case sensitive?


Well, I tried to enter full name of the file, with case. I use this feature hardly in 5.1, and sometimes it works in Demetra too. It's definitely a bug.


Not just Go to file, sometimes I found Commit button in Change tool window is disabled.

And please read this post


Wow, what an interesting problem. I'll try to determine, what is the cause of these things on holidays.


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