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Hi all,

I'm evaluating IntelliJ IDEA 11. I used v1 eons ago and enjoyed it, really looking forward to getting back to it. Looks good so far other than the complete absense of any dark color themes.

I've found a few color themes online, and am also working on doing my own (I cannot use a white background), but I feel like I must be missing something, because I have to continually re-choose exactly the same thing in a dozen different places.

Is it really true that in order to choose a color for (say) identifiers, I have to choose it in each and every individual language entry, and I have to choose it for all the different types of identifiers individually? Programming languages have common concepts (identifiers, keywords, operators, functions, function calls, block delimiters, etc., etc., etc.); markup languages similarly have common concepts, though they're different common concepts. And those concepts fall into a hierarchy pretty easily, e.g.:

  • text
    • comment
      • line
      • block
      • documentation
      • ...
    • identifier
      • keyword
        • statement
          • looping
            • for
            • while
            • do..while
            • ...
          • branching
            • ...
          • ...
      • variable
        • local
        • global
        • data member
          • instance
          • static
        • ...
      • function
        • unbound
        • instance method
        • static method
        • ...
      • ...

You get the idea. Is there really no way to say "I want all identifiers in all languages to be light blue unless I override it on a per-language basis?" (And of course, languages that differentiate between types of identifiers [say, keywords vs. data members vs. methods] could allow you to override specifics, while falling back to the language-specific setting for the general case, which would in turn fall back to the global setting for the general case.)

Am I missing that?

Corollary: If I'm not, how can I get a complete list of the color attribute names used for the various languages so I can build something to handle it for me? They don't seem to be consistent ("CUSTOM_KEYWORD1_ATTRIBUTES" vs. "JAVA_KEYWORD" [no "attributes" at the end] vs. "JS.KEYWORD" [dot instead of underscore]).

Thanks in advance!

T.J. Crowder
Independent Software Engineer
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